Change Your Mind


Soul Designs Coaches believe that you have the power to change your mind and as a result, radically change your life. We know that you are the expert of your life. We also understand that you might have some blind spots. By helping you harness your incredible strengths and illuminate your blind spots Soul Designs Courses and Coaches will assist you in elevating your capacity to make great choices that align with your true nature and will actively move you in the direction of all you desire.




Everyone is unique. We all have an authentic self or sense of our true nature. SD BluePrint is a self-guided 4-Step online process that will reveal the core elements of your Soul Design within twelve days or less. Knowing your BluePrint core elements will enable you to make choices that are aligned with your Soul Design; true nature.


Our Coaches have been trained at the best coaching training institutes in the world, are certified or in the process of being certified by the International Coach Federation and bring a level of skill and professionalism that is of the highest standard.


Change your mind. Find out how with Soul Designs