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Live! Learn! Love! Grow! An interview with Soul Designs Founder, Lerae Gidyk

Soul Designs Founder, Lerae Gidyk

Do you have 43 minutes? I would love to share something with you!

A couple months ago, I had the privilege of being interviewed by the amazing Chris Martin of During the interview we lightheartedly talk about wine bars in London, UK, waking up to the uncomfortable reality that "wherever you go, there you are" and what it takes to choose to "stay" present for the moments of your life.

I hope you enjoy listening! CLICK LINK TO VIEW INTERVIEW

May the 43 minutes we spend together in this way bring a nugget of something generative and fruitful to your life.

May you also live fully, so you can make lots of mistakes in order to learn fabulous lessons that you can love about yourself and will help you to flourish and grow!

Create a great day,


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