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CUTV News Radio spotlights Lerae Gidyk of Soul Designs Coaching

CUTV News Radio spotlights Lerae Gidyk of Soul Designs Coaching

Scotch Creek, BC – This incredible life that we have the privilege to live is so precious. In order to live our best life, we must make decisions that honor our authentic self. When we do this, there's flow and ease in life because we’re living in alignment with who we are; we are simply being ourselves.

Lerae Gidyk is a master certified coach and founder of Soul Designs Coaching, where she creates positive change by providing opportunities for people to realize their potential.

“I want everyone in the world to know that they are one choice away from all they desire.” says Lerae. “That is my mission. I help people free themselves from all of the excuses they have for staying stuck,” she says. “We are ultimately responsible for the quality of our lives because our life is a culmination of the choices we make. That's really where my work creates positive change. When my clients recognize they have a choice, they make different and better choices.”

Lerae’s clients represent a broad spectrum; leaders who want to increase their influence and develop their leadership skills, people who want something different or have a sense there’s something more, as well as coaches who are seeking mentorship. Having coached people all over the world, Lerae is expanding her reach by offering online coaching courses. Today Soul Designs offers individual coaching, online courses and retreats designed to help people lead, live and coach better.

“Discovering coaching was really incredible,” says Lerae. “The first coaching class I ever took was on the phone. In that hour, I realized I had found my niche. My unique talents, gifts and perspective on the world, finally fit somewhere. Since then, I have been deeply invested in coaching, and I've never looked back. I believe in the profession and will

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