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FLOURISH & FLOW RETREAT! Apr 24-28, 2019

Come and restore yourself at the beautiful Epona Rise Retreat Center nestled in the beautiful interior of British Columbia, Canada. Here you will feel held and supported by the surrounding mountains and incredible energy of this magical place. You will be met by a sense of openness and possibility along with a herd of nineteen majestic horses that, if you wish, can contribute their medicine and wisdom to your overall experience.

Your retreat experience will take you on a guided, soul stirring journey created by Coach, Lerae Gidyk. You will be provided with opportunities to identify and put down old habits and patterns that are not serving you and be invited to envision and begin living from a new place of flourishing and flow; and all that represents to you. You may invite the herd to contribute to your experience by participating in an equine experience guided by Hillary, owner of Epona Rise. Your body will be fed with local organic food prepared and served with love and intention. Opportunities to move old or stuck energy out and make space for flourishing and flow will be on offer throughout the retreat in the forms of the program content, Reiki, massage and yoga. You will return home with an art piece created by you (even though you may not consider yourself an artist) that can forever anchor you to your experience, learning and moments on retreat.

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