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Seeing Possibilities, Creating Opportunities

It is unbelievable that here in British Columbia, CAN it has already been about two weeks of self-isolation, physical distancing, virtual socializing and obsessively studying exponential graphs. It is equally amazing that in the face of these extremely isolating and uncertain external circumstances, no matter how difficult, many of us are resiliently adapting to the new spaces, routines and behaviours required. Perhaps even a little bit of a sense of a ‘new normal’ is creeping in? Or a greater sense of trust is developing that together we will get through this, no matter how devastatingly we have been affected?

Going one step further, could you imagine that there are possibilities and opportunities opening up for you in the midst of these uncertainties? Experiences of joy you never noticed before? This is what we would like to shift your attention to today: what is opening up for you?

It nearly feels surreal to write about what possibilities are opening at this point in time when fear and uncertainty lurk in every corner. Yet with a small shift in perspective and attention, here are some examples given by people in our families and communities:

  • A teenage boy points out that there is so much time for reflection. Time, that he says he usually doesn’t have. It is making him think about his priorities.

  • A teenage girl living with chronic pain remarks that it will be much easier for her to ask for a virtual tele-health appointment in the future when she is in too much pain to attend in-person.

  • A senior friend notices that she is being acknowledged so much more. People are reaching out to her from all walks of life. She is also happy that she is being forced to stay home to clean up her paperwork!

  • A friend, who has lost her job, points out that for the first time in our lives we as a global community are being confronted with the same issue forcing an unprecedented global response and communication.

  • A parent, who spends their time running between schedules, appointments and extracurricular activities realizes how nice it is just to be with her family.

  • Nearly everyone notices that their gas tank is still full or their commuting budget is untouched.

As seen above, the openings are different for each individual and perhaps for some more difficult to perceive. So we’d like to offer the following questions to assist in shifting towards seeing opportunities:

  • What are the things that you begin to value, find meaning and purpose in, when your familiar routines, thoughts, feelings and patterns fall away?

  • In what experiences can you currently find hope and joy?

  • What are the most frequent thoughts and feelings that you are having today? How are they contributing to what you are noticing and experiencing? Can they be shifted?

  • If you project into the future and beyond all of what we are experiencing now, what will be the most meaningful outcome you can imagine?

We love to end our usual emails with “Create a great day!”. Given current events, may you create a lovely moment in your day that inspire you and bring you some joy. If it doesn’t seem possible to ask yourself what you would like to create for your life during this time and under these circumstances, then focus on each moment? Nothing can take away your right and ability to choose how you think or feel within the context of all that you cannot control!

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We would love to know what you feel is a possibility that’s opening for you right now! If you feel inspired, please comment below.

Thank you for reading!

Create a lovely moment in your day

- Lerae

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